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Can You Relate to These Stories About Knee Pain?

Read about how patients with knee pain get back to their daily activities and hobbies.

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Christine Knee Pain Lifestyle Synvisc -One


I'm Molly, 50 years old and love jogging. Over the last few years, knee pain and swelling has interferred with my running. My doctor gave me anti-inflammatory medicines, paracetamol and even recommended physiotherapy, but nothing helped. I was not able to run for 6 months. I had X-rays and an MRI to diagnose my knee pain, then my doctor suggested viscosupplement injections. After 6 weeks, my pain, aching and swelling started to reduce. Over the next 4 weeks I slowly increased my running. After 3 months, I could run 5 kilometres, 3 times a week! I still use paracetamol, but much less than before the injection.
I am glad I sought treatment for my knee pain.


*Not real patients


Jack Knee Pain Lifestyle Synvisc –One


I'm Steven. I am 41 years old, working as an delivery driver. I love to cycle and would go with my group of friends 3 times a week, but I began to develop knee pain. I started using knee guard and pain patches bought from the pharmacy but when it worsened, I went to see a GP and he said I had osteoarthritis. I was referred to an orthopaedic specialist who did arthroscopies to remove damaged cartilage and bone. This relieved some of my pain and stiffness, but then it returned and I had to skip my annual family holiday. My doctor suggested more surgery, but I did not want it. He then recommended me to have viscosupplement injections for both knees.12 months after the injections, I was able to cycle twice a week and will be planning a family holiday end of the year.


*Not real patients


Maree Knee Pain Lifestyle Synvisc -One


I'm Sally, 61 years old, retired and taking care of my 2 grandchildren at home. One of my knees was always painful and swollen but I just ignored, thinking it should be part of ageing. There was once I felt sharp pain picking up something from the floor and my daughter brought me to see my GP downstairs. He recommended for me to do an MRI and an arthroscopy, and the knee was OK for 6 months. Then it started to ache again. I tried oral NSAIDs, which helped, but I don't like taking tablets everyday. My doctor recommended viscosupplement injections and the pain relief lasted for 12 months. I have been getting a repeat injection almost yearly since 2010, with it I was able to stand for longer periods without feeling sharp pains.


*Not real patients


The first step in managing your knee pain is to complete the Knee Pain Assessment to help your doctor recommend suitable treatment options for you.